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InfoBits: Research Process Overview

What You'll Learn

InfoBits - Build your research skills

  • Exploration is a fundamental part of research
  • Good research skills are developed through practice

Research Process Overview

Research Process Overview - Enhance your understanding of the research process.

Research is a process that involves:

  • Exploration
  • Experimentation and
  • Personal growth

While doing research, you will explore resources to learn more about a topic. You may be exposed to new information. This will help to clarify what you need to research.

Research follows some fundamental steps but is not a linear process:

  • Some steps may need to be repeated, omitted or rearranged
  • Modify the process as necessary to explore and understand your topic so your final product will be a success

Research includes gathering information that you report on. At other times, you analyze the information to create your own unique perspective.

Throughout your life, you will do research in order to make informed choices. The more research you do, the more comfortable you will be and your research skills will improve.

Build Your Skills

Use this worksheet to guide you through the research process.