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InfoBits: Subject Databases

What You'll Learn

InfoBits - Build your research skills

  • Databases can focus on a single topic or cover a wide spectrum of topics
  • Some databases allow you to limit searches to peer-reviewed articles

Important Terms

Business Databases

Science Databases

Which Database is Best?

Subject Databases - Pick the best database for your topic.

The YC Library has numerous article databases. How do you know which ones are best for your needs?

Things to consider:

  • What is the subject you are researching?
    • some of the Library's databases focus on specific subjects
  • What time period are you focusing on? Current? Historical?
    • some databases cover a specific range of years
  • Do you need to find primary sources?
  • Do you need peer-reviewed articles?
  • Are you looking for articles on local topics?

Explore the recommendations on this page.

For a complete list of article and ebook databases: Go to A-Z List

Literary Criticism Databases

Pro/Con Topic Databases

Health/Nursing Databases

General Databases

Primary Sources