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Key research skills


Review the differences between scholarly (peer-reviewed), popular, and trade periodicals.

YC Periodical Collections

Both the Prescott & Verde Valley Campus Libraries have periodicals in a number of formats:

  • Electronic - through our databases
  • Print - current issues are on display; some back issues are kept in a different part of each library
  • Microfiche and Microfilm - stored in cabinets
Use the Magazines & Newspapers link to determine the range of years and format covered for titles. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance locating periodicals.

Popular or Scholarly?

What are Periodicals?

Types of Magazines & Newspapers - The type of periodical you use influences the information you find..

Periodicals are magazines, newspapers, and journals published at intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) with content controlled by an editor.

Types of periodicals include:

  • Newspapers (Arizona Republic, New York Times)
  • Popular (Rolling Stone, People, Sports Illustrated)
  • Scholarly and Research (New England Journal of Medicine, Bioscience)
  • Trade and Professional (Arizona Nurse, Automotive News)

Determine Types of Periodicals

Ulrichsweb is a library database that provides detailed information on more than 300,000 periodicals including:

  • Academic and scholarly journals
  • Peer-reviewed titles
  • Popular magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Newsletters
  • E-journals
  • And more

Search Ulrichsweb by the periodical title to determine the type of publication.  If it is peer-reviewed,you'll see this symbol

Why use Periodicals?

Periodical articles are often the best sources for research if you need:

  • Recent Information
    • articles can appear shortly after an event
    • it may take years for a book to be published on the topic
  • Scholarly research
    • if the article has been peer-reviewed
  • Interviews & eyewitness accounts
  • Articles on local issues

Periodicals provide:

  • More concise coverage than books
    • events are covered more quickly
    • articles are shorter and more focused
    • books provide a more thoughtful examination of the topic
  • Coverage of “hot” topics in the news
  • Information on specific topics
    • e.g., paying student-athletes
  • In-depth coverage in specialized magazines & journals

Titles Available at YC

If you are looking for an article from a specific journal title, the fastest way to find it in the Library is to search the Magazines & Newspapers box on the Library's homepage or the Library tab in the myYC Portal.

For example, you are looking for the article "The Talent Myth" by Malcolm Gladwell that appeared in a past issue of the New Yorker. Step 1 is to find out if the Library has the New Yorker. Type in New Yorker in the Magazines & Newspapers search box.

Notice the different ways we receive the New Yorker. Both the Verde Valley and Prescott Libraries have past and present issues in microform, hardcopy and electronic format. We have access to it in two databases, LexisNexis and ProQuest. Let's select the ProQuest link.

If you are not sure of the specific date the article appeared, you can do a keyword search. Search for: Talent Myth Gladwell

Here is the article you want.

Click on the Full text link to see the article.

Browse by Subject Category

To find what periodical titles we have by subject, return to the Magazines & Newspapers link. Leave the box empty and click the Search button. Select a subject category to see what titles are available and in what format.