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Emeritus Faculty: Cindy DeCecco


B.A., Portland State University

M.A., Pittsburg State University

At A Glance

Started 2000

Jewelry, Sculpture, Lapidary, & Woodworking


Arts & Humanities 

Retired  2018

Additional Information

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Yavapai College Career

When Ms. DeCecco started in 2000, she oversaw Jewelry, Sculpture, Lapidary, and Woodworking classes. These offerings were all crammed into Building 5. As part of the 69 Million Dollar YC Master Plan, she worked with the architects to design and create separate classrooms, which now reside in the state-of-the-art building 17 and updated building 5. By creating dedicated classrooms for these disciplines, more classes could be scheduled. Each area is professionally equipped with safety at the forefront. The success of how well the classrooms function is reflected in the number of students who now exhibit in galleries and continue their education at universities.

Contributions to the Yavapai College community: committees, Senate, special projects, etc:

  • Safety Committee 2000-2004
  • Budget & Compensation 2005-2018
  • Chair Budget & Compensation 2013-2015
  • Sculpture Garden Acquisition 2000-2016
  • ART ATF Chair 2006-2018
  • YC Art Acquisition 2000-2018

Contributions to the communities of Yavapai County

Ms. DeCecco was no stranger to bringing in financial donations to purchase artwork and encourage instruction on the Chino, Prescott Valley and Prescott Campus:

  • Organized a student competition, which she assisted the winning student in constructing an arbor for the Chino Campus, 2004.
  • Ed Haddaway's sculpture, "The Certainty of Madness and Spring" valued at $16,000.00, was installed on the Prescott Campus near the art gallery, 2007.
  • The cast cement "art" bench by the art gallery and the two steel and concrete benches, “Conversation at the Ravine," funded with a $3,000.00 donation from a private donor, 2008.
  • The artEscape non-profit art organization donated two illuminated, glass tower, display cases with glass shelves for the exhibition of three-dimensional student artwork.
  • Donated a copper sculpture, "Coalescence,11 to Prescott Valley's City Hall, 2011.
  • Fabricated the metal hanging system to support the wall sculpture, "Muse,•• by Diane Gilbert, 2012. Currently, the wall sculpture can be seen in Building 15's stairwell.
  • She also designed, fabricated, and donated a leaf shaped, steel, coffee table to the YC art student lounge, 2013. The table is currently housed in the Art Department Offices in building 3.
  • Anonymous donors gifted Ms. De Cecco's "Floating Column" sculpture to the YC Performance Hall. The sculpture hangs in the north staircase of the Performance Hall, 2014.
  • Distributed application forms to YC art students, YC art faculty, and assisting the artEscape Scholarship Committee members with collecting the completed forms from 2001 to 2018.

Presentations at conferences, exhibitions, memberships:

  • artEscape nonprofit art association: Mentor Member from 2001 - 2018
  • 6' x 6' x 2' sculpture for Alder Brook Park in Brush Prairie Washington, 2002
  • Winter institute, presentation, 2015
  • Sabbatical exhibit, "Divine Proportions," YC Art, Prescott Campus, 2018
  • YC Presidents club, 2018
  • Governing Board 2016
  • Past and presents exhibitions at Attic Gallery, Portland, Oregon
  • Past and presents exhibitions Attic Gallery, Washington State
  • Writing and illustration of her many Art trips to Rome. She is currently in the process of editing her book Artists in Rome.

Cindy DeCecco retired in 2018 and was given Emeritus Faculty status in 2019.

The College Seal

The College Seal was adopted in Sept. 1969.

Additional Photograph

The art bench mentioned under Ms.DeCecco's contributions section.

The art bench located near the Prescott campus Art Gallery.