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Emeritus Faculty: Dieter Bartels


B.A., University of Washington

M.A., Cornell University

Ph.D., Cornell University

At A Glance

Started 1978
Classes Taught

Anthropology: General, Cultural, Archaeology; Southeast Asia [Island/ Mainland], Southwest Indians, Comparative Religions, Magic, Witchcraft and Medicine, Visual Anthropology; Sociology: Introductory, Social Problems; Cultural Geography: Introductory; Liberal Studies: Arts and Ideas of Western Man, Western Civilization; History: U.S. History, International Relations. 

Department Liberal Arts
Retired 2011

Community Service

  • Camp Verde Historical Society, Camp Verde, Arizona 
  • Clarkdale Historical Society, Arizona 
  • American Youth Soccer Association (AYSO): Board Member, Head Referee, 
  • Founding Member of local chapter, Verde Valley, Arizona, 1978-2000. 
  • Pubic Lectures at Churches, Service Clubs and other Community Organizations Speaker in “Older is Better” Program, a community service at Yavapai College 
  • Town of Clarkdale, AZ: Film production of the celebration of the 50th year of incorporation

Your College Newspaper (YC)

May 1994

Faculty Appreciation 

Students appreciate the following teachers because:

Dieter Bartels

... I feel he is the perfect example of an extraordinary instructor. His class­ room is a comfortable environment where your views, no matter how radical, can be expressed freely. His lectures keep you interested at all times because they are filled with humorous stories. He 's not conservative but liberal minded which keeps you returning to every lecture. Dieter is a positive asset to this learning institution and should be appreciated. 

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Yavapai College Career

The following is a nomination letter for Dr. Dieter Bartels to be awarded Emeritus Faculty status:

April 3, 2013

To the Faculty Senate:

I am recommending Dr. Dieter Bartels for faculty emeritus status. I have listed the essential information you require (address and dates of employment, etc.) at the end of this letter.

Since my arrival on the Verde Campus in 1989 until his retirement in 2011, Dr. Bartels served as the Social Sciences/Humanities Instructor on the Verde Campus. With recent changes made by the Faculty Senate since his departure, this title now would read “Professor” instead of “Instructor” as listed on this resume.

One of Dieter’s many outstanding attributes as a teacher was the wide diversity of subjects he could teach: Anthropology, Archaeology, Southeast Asia, Southwest Indians, Comparative Religions, Sociology, Cultural Geography, Liberal Studies, Arts and Ideas, Western Civilization and U.S. History. If you look at his curriculum vitae, you’ll see that my list is partial, not complete!

To all of these subjects, Dieter brought the following qualities of a master teacher:

An ability to provoke critical thought in his students and, in my case, his team- teaching colleague.
A global view in his teaching that far surpassed any I have ever experienced. Due to extensive travels, Dieter illustrated his lectures with information, photographs, and anecdotes from abroad—all directly related to the subjects at hand. He broadened the geographic horizons of our students. He opened their eyes to the world.
An ability to deconstruct traditional or commonly accepted notions and myths. I enjoyed his uncanny talent to do this then and now
An enthusiasm for teaching and learning that knew no bounds. When I taught Western Civilization with him in the Liberal Studies program I learned so much. I have continued to share what I learned from Dr. Bartels with my students right down to the present day.
An organized approach to everything he did—from syllabi and class lectures all the way through to his administrative and leadership responsibilities.An ability to quickly and successfully adapt his courses to the new online format.

For the Verde Valley Campus, Dr. Bartels served as the Social Sciences/Humanities Department Chair from 1997 to 2003. He was responsible for budgeting, course scheduling, hiring and supervision of Adjunct Faculty, administrative support and peer evaluation. He also served on various committees including the Faculty Senate. He was a Faculty Advisor to students. And most importantly, he served as Faculty Association President-Elect 1999-2000 and Faculty Association President 2000-2001.

Yavapai College granted Sabbatical Leave to Dr. Bartels in 2003. Part of his charge was to learn the art of filmmaking in order to produce a documentary. He studied at universities in England and the Netherlands and did extensive filming. Then he produced a ten-minute film about successful Moluccan minority children and youths in the Netherlands. This short film became the starting point for his full-length documentary film about Moluccan exiles in the Netherlands. At the Festival by the Sea in Vlissengen, Netherlands, Maju Terus—Go For It!—the movie by Dr. Bartels and his wife, Helen Huwaë--premiered on September 14, 2011.

Other awards and academic honors related to Yavapai College include (but are not limited to):

2002: Yavapai College Innovation College Awards to study ethno-film theory 2001: Yavapai College Innovation College Stipend to work on Creation of Visual

Anthropology/Digital Media Program at the Sedona Center for Arts and Technology 2000: Invited Participant, Master Teacher retreat, Sedona, AZ

2000: Participant in Pilot Project on Leadership at Yavapai College

Dr. Bartels also provided exemplary service to local Verde Valley communities. He was active in both the Camp Verde and Clarkdale Historical Societies. He gave public lectures at churches, service clubs and other community organizations. He was a popular speaker for the “Older is Better” lecture series sponsored by the Verde Campus. I also remember his frequent participation in the discussion club I founded, “The Verde Free Associates.” For the Town of Clarkdale he produced a film commemorating the 50th year of incorporation. And saving the best for last, he served as founding member of the Verde Valley Chapter of the American Youth Soccer Association. He volunteered as both Board Member and Head Referee.

As to “contributions to the state and/or national levels,” there should be a criterion for “international levels”! If you look at Dr. Bartels’ “Career-Related Experiences” on his curriculum vitae, you will see that he was the invited speaker, moderator, panelist, chair and/or facilitator at more than twelve international workshops, conferences, symposia, and lecture series. These events took place all over the world: the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, and Hawaii here in the U.S. For example, most recently he was an invited panelist at the International Workshop on Religion in Dispute and Conflict Resolution in Lembang, Indonesia in 2009.

See the attached publications list for his PhD dissertation, published books, professional articles and papers, popular articles and book reviews. They are just too numerous to mention. Dr. Bartels is one of those rare community college teachers who took professional growth so seriously that he participated in international conferences and published and produced a copious amount of high quality academic literature, even films.

To sum up, Dr. Bartels turned in an extraordinary performance in his 33 years as a Professor at Yavapai College. It is truly a remarkable legacy of teaching, learning, and service to his students, colleagues, and the local communities. Many former students, community members, and colleagues current and past are looking to Yavapai College to do the right thing, to confer upon Dr. Dieter Bartels the title “Emeritus Faculty.”

Sincerely yours,

Paul Ewing III

Liberal Studies Instructor Verde Campus

Dr. Dieter Bartels was awarded Emeritus Faculty status in 2013.

Oral History Interview

Fellowships, Awards and Academic Honors

2009 Summer: Oral History and Culture Retrieval Research in Maluku Barat Daya (Southwest Moluccas) at request of the Governor of Maluku, Karel Ralahalu.

2006 Summer: Continuing Research on Moluccan Social and Cultural Developments in Central Moluccas and The Netherlands. Shooting for documentary on Moluccan culture and History in both locations.

2003 Sabbatical Leave: Study of Visual Anthropology Programs at the Universities of Manchester and Kent (Canterbury), England and Leiden, The Netherlands; attendance at Durham Film Festival; creation of ethnographic short film about successful Moluccan minority children and youths in the Netherlands (editing in progress).

2002 Summer: Ongoing research on conflict resolution in the Central Moluccas (Indonesia) though interviews of Moluccan scholars, politicians, lawyers, generals, and gangsters; Research of post-independence living conditions in Timor Leste (East Timor).

2001 Summer: Research on conflict resolution in the Central Moluccas (Indonesia); Exploratory research into Youth Attitudes towards America in contemporary China.

2000 Summer: Research in the Central Moluccas (Indonesia) on ethnic identity and intra- and inter-ethnic conflict during the most serious flare-up since the conflict began.

1999 Summer: Research on current Moslem-Christian conflict in the Moluccas (Indonesia) and reactions in Moluccan exile community in the Netherlands.

1998 Research in Central Moluccas, Nusa Tenggara, (Indonesia) and The Netherlands.

1990 - 1997 Summer Studies in Moluccan community in The Netherlands.

1988 - 1989 Project Bi/Inter-cultural Education to produce textbook/handbook for Moluccan and Dutch students as well as teachers in Secondary Schools; teachers and trainees in Teacher=s Colleges, as well as the general public in The Netherlands (Sabbatical Leave).

1987 Summer: Research among Moluccan exiles in The Netherlands. 1986        Summer: Research in the Central Moluccas and The Netherlands.

1983 - 1985 Fieldwork in Moluccan exile community in The Netherlands at the request of the Dutch government (Leave of Absence).

1974-1975 Field work in the Central Moluccas, Indonesia (17 months). Collected ethnographical and ethno-historical materials in more than 100 villages on five islands. The survey was supported by Fulbright-Hays and London-Cornell.

1969 Summer: Archaeological Excavation of Kanaka-Village of Fort Vancouver, Washington. (University of Washington-Bryn Mawr College)

1968 Burke Museum, University of Washington. Undergraduate research supervised by the Director of the museum, Dr, M, Quimby.