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Emeritus Faculty: Rodney Barkhurst


B.S., Washington (MD.) College

Ph.D., University of Kansas

At A Glance

Started 1979
Classes Taught Fundamental Chemistry, General Chemistry I & II, Organic Chemistry I & II, Basic Equestrian Skills, Wilderness Pack Trip
Department Science
Retired 2000


Barkhurst, Rodney C. An Ord-Cd Study of Conjugated Nonhomoannular Cisoid Dienes and Related Enones. Diss. University of Kansas, 1971. Print.

Burgstahler, Albert W, and Rodney C. Barkhurst. ".pi.-.pi.* Region Cotton Effects of Cyclic Conjugated Dienes and Enones. Interpretation in Terms of Allylic Axial Chirality Contributions." Journal of the American Chemical Society 92.26 (1970): 7601-7603. Print.

Burgstahler, Albert W, and Rodney C. Barkhurst. "Preparation of Leuconic Acid from Inositol." Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 71.2 (1968): 150-153. Print.

Yavapai College Career

Dr. Rod Barkhurst started teaching Chemistry full-time at Yavapai College in 1979. He loved to teach and was well-liked by his students. Knowing that many of his students were apprehensive about taking a Chemistry class, he made himself available to answer his students’ questions so that they could succeed.

The Chemistry course offerings grew under his tutelage. Because of the difficulty in finding qualified adjunct chemistry instructors, oftentimes Dr. Barkhurst taught all of the Chemistry classes.

In 1981, Rod and another science instructor, Dr. Ken Abbott organized the first Science Bowl where student teams were pitted against each other in proving their expertise in science and math. The event was wildly popular becoming an annual event which continues to this day. Dr. Barkhurst was often a judge at this competition.

Dr. Barkhurst was also active in providing physical education activities for students. In 1981, he and Ron Adams (Math instructor) mentored the newly formed men’s and women’s cross country club team. They continued with this until George Davies was hired as coach in 1982.

Rod parlayed his love of horses into several equestrian skills classes. Basic Equestrian Skills (REC 151) was a 2-credit hour class that taught students the basics of horseback riding and gave them background information on colors, breeds and proper care. This class fulfilled the college’s Physical Education requirement. Dr. Barkhurst also taught Wilderness Pack Trip (REC 099B) with trips lasting two to four days to destinations such as Sycamore Canyon, the Bradshaw Mountains, or Big Bug Mesa.

Dr. Barkhurst retired in 2000 and continued teaching as an adjunct faculty for several years. He was recognized as Emeritus Faculty for his contributions to the College.

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Judge at the 1996 Annual Science Bowl