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Emeritus Faculty: Jamie Bennett


B.S., Arizona State University

M.A., Arizona State University

At A Glance

Started 1984
Geography & Psychology
Retired  2008

Additional Information

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Yavapai College Career

Professor Jamie Bennet sitting at her desk in her office.                   


Jamie Bennett served the Yavapai College community as full-time geography professor for sixteen years (1992-2008). Prior to her tenure as the institution's first full-time geography professor, she served as an adjunct instructor for the previous eight years, (1984-1992). 

In addition to her service in the classroom, Ms. Bennett:

  • Established the curriculum for ten different course offerings in the discipline of Geography.
  • She represented the college as the Statewide Articulation Taskforce Representative for Geography. 
  • Taught additional liberal studies and psychology courses when necessary.
  • She served and often chaired faculty association committees and provided workshops and seminars on diversity and cultural sensitivity. 

Her commitment to instruction was complemented by her dedication to extracurricular activities:

  • She served as faculty advisor for the International Club for 20 years.
  • She was co-creator and chairperson for the first statewide study abroad consortium,
  • Coordinated Cultural Diversity Weeks and International Dinners.

Ms. Bennett's passion for cultural geography and diversity is further demonstrated by her coordination of international student orientations, and the organization and guiding of eighteen international tours.

Ms. Bennett also created a successful program to build a water system for a remote Mayan village in Belize and provide scholarships for young girls to further their education. 

While teaching at Yavapai College, Ms. Bennett also demonstrated her commitment to the community at large. She sang the National Anthem at numerous YC athletic events, performed with YC Chamber Choir and Master Chorale. She coached youth soccer, basketball, and baseball in addition to her willingness to provide guest lectures in the public school throughout the Prescott area. 

Jamie Bennett was awarded Emeritus Faculty status in 2018.


Additional Statement about Ms. Bennett:

She always encouraged students to find and follow their passion; and her own passion for geography, culture, and nature flowed into every classroom. Believing that if students are fascinated and engaged they will be motivated to learn, her classes were both informational and inspirational.

Ms. Bennett understood that each student is unique, with not only dreams and goals, but also challenges and struggles that go beyond academic in nature. Every semester’s first-class heard, “You will certainly find those who know more than me, but you won’t find anyone that cares about you more or is willing to help you more.” And she did her best to fulfill that commitment.

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