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Emeritus Faculty: Jeri Hamilton


B.S. Mathematics Education, Northern Arizona University

M.A. Education (emphasis mathematics), Northern Arizona University

At A Glance

Started    2003  
Taught     Mathematics
Department    MAT  
Retired    2021  

Additional Information

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Yavapai College Career

From the May 17, 2022 presentation to the District Governing Board Meeting:

Jeri Hamilton was born and raised in Prescott. She received her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Northern Arizona University. After teaching Math at Prescott High School for 18 years, she began the next phase of her career as a Math Professor at Yavapai College. After retiring from Yavapai College, Jeri continues to teach Mathematics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Nomination letter excerpt:

Jeri Hamilton is first and foremost an excellent teacher who not only cares about her students, but also has high expectations and works tirelessly to make sure students are successful in her classes and leave with a skill set that will help them succeed in future courses. Jeri has taught every mathematics course that Yavapai College offers in her 17 years here that includes the developmental sequence, transfer courses and the Calculus sequence students need to receive an Associate of Science degree. She taught overloads every semester and taught during the summer. Jeri is truly a master teacher. She has the ability to adjust instruction and classroom activities depending upon the level of mathematics taught and students' understanding of the content. She incorporates authentic assessment activities in all of her courses so students have the problem-solving experience within applications of mathematics. Jeri has a great rapport with students and sense of humor in the classroom which helps build a classroom community conducive to learning. Numerous students took her courses in sequence because they not only learned mathematics but enjoyed being in her class. It would not be unusual for Jeri to have students at Yavapai whose parents had her class at Prescott High School. Jeri also founded and sponsored the Math Club at Yavapai College for students who were interested in mathematics and possibly a career in a field involving mathematics. The Math Club met to discuss extensions and applications of math topics, enjoyed presentations from a variety of guest speakers, and had a community service component.

Contributions to Yavapai College

In addition to excellence in teaching, Jeri contributed to the Yavapai College community. She served on many faculty committees (usually two or three every year) and held leadership positions: Professional Growth (chair), Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFT) that became the Teaching and Learning Committee (chair of GIFT committee), Curriculum, Program Review, Peer Mentor, and Developmental Education. Jeri served as Mathematics Department Chair for several years and under her leadership the mathematics department implemented a placement process incorporating multiple measures and placement tests through MyMathlab. She worked with Pearson (as administrator) to embed MyMathlab into the Canvas courses so students would have access to their materials in one place. She helped onboard adjunct instructors and held professional development sessions for full-time and adjunct instructors for a variety of topics to help everyone stay "in the loop" when we changed learning management systems, materials, or any other changes.

Jeri spent 20 years teaching at the high school level before coming to Yavapai College and in that time completed a Master's degree and continued learning through professional development opportunities at conferences (such as National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) and through Northern Arizona University. For many years Jeri presented at conferences regularly and taught professional development courses for elementary and secondary teachers at the county and state levels through the Northern Arizona Consortium of Mathematics Teachers. During her time at Yavapai College, she continued to learn and grow as a teacher as modalities changed from face-to-face learning to hybrid and online learning. She attended Winter and Summer Institutes (presenting as well), conferences sponsored by the American Mathematics Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC) and International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM) and completed Quality Matters training. She created online courses in Calculus I and Calculus II and taught many online courses using research-based online teaching techniques to help students be successful. No matter how many semesters Jeri taught the same course, she would modify it every semester and incorporate techniques that she learned to help students be successful. 


Jeri Hamilton retired in 2021 and was given Emeritus Faculty status in 2022.

The College Seal

The College Seal was adopted in Sept. 1969. 

Contributions to Yavapai County

Jeri Hamilton grew up in Prescott and has spent a lifetime contributing to the communities of Yavapai County. She was a member of the North Central Arizona Math and Science consortium. Through the consortium, she offered professional development opportunities in mathematics education for the county elementary, middle and high school teachers. She organized and facilitated Science Day for several years at Yavapai College for high school students which was an all-day conference for students with multiple hour-long sessions presented by Yavapai College science faculty and science professionals in the community. She organized and hosted the 6th grade Math Contest for Yavapai County students. Every year in the Spring, Jeri organized and presented at the Advanced Placement Calculus Camp where students from northern Arizona schools would spend two days studying for the Advanced Placement Calculus test. Jeri spent a summer teaching for Upward Bound to help high school students transition from high school to college. 

She has been a member of Alpha Delta Kappa (president several times) for many years, which is an organization dedicated to education and community service. ADK projects include collecting/making gifts for residents of Pioneer home, volunteering locally at places such as Stepping Stones and raising money for scholarships for students who want to become teachers.