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Emeritus Faculty: Lyle Minkler


B.S.M.E., State University of Iowa

M.A., San Diego State College

Ed.D., Arizona State University

At A Glance

Started 1969
Classes Taught Engineering Physics I & II, General Physics I & II, Independent Study, Intro to Engineering, Lasers & Holography, Math Classes (College Algebra, Review Algebra, Slide Rule, Trigonometry), Meteorology, Physical Science for the Non-Scientist, The Physical World, Science Skills, Solar Design, Solar Energy Systems Lab, Solar Energy Utilization
Department Science
Retired 1996


Minkler, Lyle F. An Evaluation of Innovative Solar Space Heating Systems. Diss. Arizona State University, 1979. Print.

Minkler, Lyle F. "Measuring the Moment of Inertia of an Airplane." The Physics Teacher Jan. 1975. Print.

Minkler, Lyle F. A Status Report of Technological Advances Due to Space Research in the Biomedical Field. MA thesis. San Diego State College, 1968. Print. 

Yavapai College Career

Dr. Lyle Minkler was one of the founding faculty members in 1969 teaching in the Physical Science Department.  He taught Physics, Applied Mechanics, Engineering, and when needed Math courses.  He faced many of the same challenges as the other founding faculty - develop and expand a program, equip a lab, prepare materials, and deal with the growing pains of a new institution.  

Dr. Minkler was a strong believer in providing hands-on learning experiences for his students so that they could see the practical applications of what they were learning. Experiments were a strong component of his teaching.  His engineering students were given the opportunity to design such items as solar stoves and solar hot water heaters.

He also encouraged his students to enter competitions.  One competition at Arizona State University for invention development was won by two of his students, Ralph Fulp and John Garnaat.   They had developed a thermometer for the blind.  In his oral history interview, Dr. Minkler says Yavapai College was never invited again to that competition because the YC students’ projects were so superior to all the other entries.

He took the lab assistants on an end-of-year trip to learn more about engineering. They received a special tour of Hoover Dam, toured a solar plant near Barstow, CA, and visited General Dynamics in San Diego for lectures on what-to-know to become engineers.

Dr. Minkler kept his teaching current with new technologies for the times.  Besides the typical gamut of physics and engineering courses, he also taught Lasers & Holography, Solar Design, Solar Energy Systems Lab, and Solar Energy Utilization. In the 1990's, he saw the potential for students to learn physics and engineering concepts with the use of computers. He negotiated vigorously and was able to start with nine computers and a small lab area.

Committee Work:

  • Faculty Association President 1979-1980; 1990-1991
  • Faculty Senator 1978-1979; 1995-1996
  • Division Chair for Science

Dr. Minkler retired in 1996 and was given Emeritus Faculty status in April, 2000.

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Oral History Interview

Additional Photos

       from Dateline Fall 1974