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Emeritus Faculty: Elaine Farrar


B.A., Arizona State University

M.A., Arizona State University

Ph.D., Arizona State University

At A Glance

Started 1973
Classes Taught Acrylic, Oil, Painting, Printmaking, Watercolor
Department Art
Retired 1992


Farrar, Elaine W. An Investigative Study of Selected Aspects of Perceptual Development As They Relate to Early Childhood Art Education. MA thesis. Arizona State University, 1969. Print.

Farrar, Elaine W. Effects of Selected Teaching Strategies on the Visual Art Products of Community College Students. Diss. Arizona State University, 1990. Print.

Additional Information

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Yavapai College Career

Ms. Farrar preparing to fly to an extension site to teach art classes

Dr. Elaine Farrar began teaching art classes part-time for Yavapai College at extension sites in Bagdad, Cottonwood, and Black Canyon City in the early 1970's. She became a full-time instructor in 1973 and continued to teach in far-flung areas in Yavapai and Coconino counties.  Her travel to these sites was often by plane (the College transported many instructors to extension sites in this manner) or by driving herself.  Bad weather would sometimes force her to stay in a student's home until further travel was possible. She didn't mind.  The instructors in the Art Department were building the best art program in the state and it was exciting to be a part of it.

She eventually made the Prescott Campus her home teaching painting, oil, watercolor, acrylic, and printmaking.  There was only one printing press at the time. Lithography and etching were taught in alternating semesters so that the press could be broken down and repurposed for the next class.  More printing presses were eventually purchased.

Dr. Farrar participated in the annual student field trips to California art museums and theatres. Although the students slept in the basements of churches and even on the bus, they were able to see world-class art and performances.  

She felt that the Art Department affected not only the students but also the community. Through the student art shows and sales and visits from professional artists, the community was exposed to a broad mix of artwork and was enriched.

Committee Work

  • Art Dept. Chair, 1973
  • Faculty Affairs, 1975/76
  • Faculty Senate, 1977/78 and 1978/79

Dr. Farrar retired in 1992 and was given Emeritus Faculty status in February, 1997.

Oral History Interview

Additional Photos

      Photo by Gary Lewallen