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Emeritus Faculty: Gerry Caton


B.A., University of Arizona

M.Ed., University of Arizona

At A Glance

Started 1987 Adjunct Faculty, 1995 Full-time Faculty
Classes Taught Accounting, Business, Computer Science
Division Business and Computer Sciences
Retired 2010

Additional Information

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Yavapai College Career

Mr. Gerry Caton started teaching part-time at the College in 1987.  He worked full-time in Institutional Research for 5 years before becoming full-time faculty in the Business and Computer Sciences Division in 1995.  He taught a variety of accounting, business, and computer science courses over the years. 

He displayed a commitment to students and student learning throughout his career here. He often had students in his office giving them personalized attention and would also volunteer as a tutor in the Learning Center. 

His peers described him as always ready to step up and volunteer to serve wherever a need surfaced.  His list of accomplishments below will attest to that.


  • Developed the Accelerated Business Certificate (This program enabled students, working as a cohort, to complete college courses totaling 16 credits over the course of one summer)
  • Staffed, and successfully ran the Accelerated Business Certificate Program for two summers 
  • Taught the Career Skills Program, on the Chino Valley and Prescott Valley Campuses 
  • Delivered frequent computer workshops working with the College Professional Development Center 
  • Taught workshops for the Yavapai College Business Training Center 
  • Worked with the Small Business Develpment Center in developing contract training courses for the community
  • Developed a series of weekend classes
  • Team taught sections of LMS 140, General Education Portfolio Capstone Course 
  • Revised and taught computer application courses as a part of the Prescott Campus Starting Block Program
  • Oversaw the computer labs on the Chino Valley and Prescott Valley Campuses
  • Worked as volunteer Accounting tutor in the Prescott Learning Center
  • Volunteered in the Learning Center, utilizing many of his office hours in a location where more students had access to his expertise in all academic areas
  • Revised the course ACC 228 to include the newest Windows version of accounting software
  • Rewrote the text for CSA 160
  • Assisted in editing the textbook College Accounting published by Prentice Hall

Committees within the Faculty Senate:

  • Faculty Senator – numerous terms, and continually 2000-2010
  • Faculty Affairs Committee; developed Division Dean evaluation form and process
  • Faculty Handbook Committee
  • Fortieth Anniversary Faculty Recognition Committee 
  • Numerous Articulation Committees
  • Peer Review Oversight Committee
  • Peer Reviewer
  • SLOA (Student Learning Outcomes and Assessments) Committee

Other College Activities:

  • Served as committee member for the North Central Association regional accreditation visit
  • Served as an academic advisor
  • Served as Local Coordinator for the Yavapai College Title III Consortium Grant
  • Chaired the Business and Computer Science Division Scholarship Committee
  • Attended numerous state articulation meetings for both business and computer science
  • Represented the Business and Computer Science Division on the District ITS Committee
  • Attended numerous NBEA National Conventions
  • Supervised numerous student interns
  • Served on the College Syllabus Evaluation Committee
  • Worked with Carol Hammond in evaluating and reporting the results of the General Education Portfolio Process
  • Served as a member of the General Education Area Outcomes Committees, 2000 and 2005
  • Built and maintained a student registration database for the Learning Center
  • Served on the Yavapai College Judicial Board
  • Initiated and served as the advisor for the Prescott Campus Chapter of Alpha Beta Gamma, National Business Honor Society
  • Assisted with the Central Basin Regional Council Annual Economic Forum
  • Represented the Business and Computer Science Division at Yavapai College Career Fairs
  • Participated in College History Day Activities

Mr. Caton retired in May, 2010.  He was recognized for his many contributions to the College and given Emeritus Faculty status in April, 2011.

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